Discover Circulon

Some things work better with circles.

As a gourmet cookware line for cooks of all abilities, Circulon and its unique TOTAL® Food Release System of nonstick circles, delivers innovation and quality – ensuring that home cooking will be fast, easy, healthy and delicious.

Healthy never tasted so good, or lasted so long.

Circulon cookware features the patented TOTAL® Food Release System of circles. The raised circles means that less nonstick comes into contact with kitchen utensils for cookware that will last through every important milestone. This unique nonstick technology also makes it easy to prepare low-fat meals because there’s no need to grease the cookware, ensuring a healthy future for the ones you love.

Cooperation in the kitchen is a wonderful thing.

Circulon cookware is coated with DuPont Autograph® nonstick, so foods release quickly and easily. The long-lasting nonstick is also safe for use with metal utensils and helps make cleaning up quick and easy.

Culinary confidence made easy.

Circulon cookware is oven safe to 400°F, so any recipe can be tackled with confidence whether it uses the stovetop, the oven, or both. Tempered glass lids help recipes come to life by locking in heat and moisture, while letting you keep an eye on the progress for perfectly cooked good every time.

Discover Circulon – and experience exceptional nonstick performance for yourself.