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Shipping & Tracking

  • At the present time we cannot ship items outside the United States. We are currently looking into ways to provide for this service.

  • Yes we can. The shipment will have to ship through the United States postal service.

  • No.

  • There are two ways to track your order.

    1. Once your order has shipped you will receive an email confirming that your order has shipped. On this email is a tracking number. There will be a link in your email to either UPS or USPS. Click on this link and you will be able to track your order.
    2. If you have signed up on and created an account, then you will be able to go on, look up your order history and there will be a link to UPS or USPS on your order.


  • We strive to get orders out to you as soon as possible. You may cancel the order as long as our warehouse has not begun processing it. Please note, this may be soon after the order has been placed. To cancel, please call customer service as soon as possible at (800) 326-3933. Our hours of operation are 7:00 am - 5:00 pm PST, Monday through Friday.

  • Please call or email us. We will research your problem and determine if we would like you to ship the item back, and we can place another order for you.

  • Please call or email us. We will research your problem and determine if we would like you to ship the item back, and we can place another order for you.

  • Currently we only take the following credit cards: American Express, Master Card and Visa.

Product Reviews

  • The reviews and comments are written by you the consumer. We do not write our own reviews.

  • On the item page under the name of the product, you will see the number of stars that product currently has. Click on “write a review.” Your review may not be displayed for a day or two because we read each review to make sure it is specific to the correct product and the verbiage is suitable for all readers.

  • Depending on what product you have, click on your product's site warranty link to submit your warranty claim.

    Ayesha Curry
    Rachael Ray
    Pots and Pans

    Fill out the information form and attach the required photos for each defective piece. Instructions for what type of photos are needed based on your product are included in the photo attachment box.

    If you have a digital camera you will need to upload the photos from your camera to your computer or laptop. From the website click on the Image box, then go to the location of your photos. Click on the photo then drag and drop or just click open to upload your photo.

    If you are submitting a claim through a tablet or mobile device, take the pictures with your device and upload photos directly from your tablet or mobile.

    If you experience an error message after trying to submit your claim, an error may have occurred due to scripts or processes running in the background timing-out or freezing. This can happen if the form or page has been open for long periods of time. Please log out of your account on the upper right hand corner of the page, close your browser and visit the webpage again. After clicking the warranty link, log back into your account which should resolve the issue and submit your claim!

    For your convenience, please click on the link: trouble shooting tips to assist you with helpful hints on troubleshooting attaching your photos.

Other FAQ's

  • Product Misuse Examples That Will Void The Warranty On Your Product

    The following photos are representative of certain types and various degrees of product misuse when the use and care included with your product is not followed.

    Misuse that will void the product warranty are, but not limited to, overheating, oven or broiler misuse, sharp metal utensil or appliance damage on nonstick product surfaces, using oven cleansers or scouring pads, cleaning neglect and dishwasher use on product lines not safe for dishwasher use.

    Examples of grease build up on your product due to cleaning neglect:

    Image Image Image

    Example of a hard anodized cookware exposed to dishwasher use.

    Image Image Image

    Example of porcelain enamel exteriors washed in the dishwasher:

    Image Image Image

    Example of cookware that has been overheated:

    Image Image Image Image

    Examples of oven cleaner being used on a pan:


    Example of improper cleaning using a metal scouring pad:

    Image  Image  Image

  • It is important to wash pans thoroughly after each use. Use a mild dish washing detergent, warm water, and a soft nylon brush or nylon scrub pad. This will remove food and grease particles that may burn when your pan is reheated. If food remains on the nonstick surface, boil a mixture of two parts water and one part vinegar in your pan on medium heat for 5-10 minutes to dislodge food particles. Let stand until cooled, then wash with warm, soapy water and a soft nylon brush. Rinse and dry.

    *Do not use steel wool or any abrasive cleaners when cleaning nonstick product.

  • The use of high heat when cooking is not recommended with most brands and lines of our products. Because our products conduct heat extremely well at lower temperatures, high heat is not needed. We recommend cooking on low to medium heat. To brown or sear foods, preheat pan on medium heat for one minute. Continuous high heat may cause sticking and discoloration and will damage your pans that have a non-stick coating. Overheating pans will void your product warranty.

  • Nonstick coating can stop releasing food and begin sticking for the following reasons:

    1. Use of high heat - High heat is not recommended for our non-stick products as this can cause sticking. Our product conducts heat well at lower temperatures so we recommend using low to medium heat to preserve your non-stick coating. Find out the difference between overheating vs. boiling dry.

    2. Use of aerosol cooking sprays - Cooking spray burns at lower temperatures and can burn into the non-stick coating causing build up of the spray. This will cause sticking and damage to the non-stick coating and sometimes give the product a "rusty" appearance.

    We suggest using olive oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, butter and margarine for flavor.

    Pans should be cleaned with warm soapy water after every use so food residue is not allowed to build up, which will, after time, cause sticking and damage to the non-stick coating. We have some tips on cleaning your nonstick pan.

    The use of non-stick cooking spray and the use of high heat will void your product warranty. To learn more about why cooking sprays shouldn't be used: using non-stick cooking spray on non-stick product

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