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Circulon Cookware

5 Qt & 4.5 Qt Dutch Ovens, Cooking Pots, Nonstick Cookware

Find the best Dutch ovens from Circulon that feature interiors with the TOTAL ® Food Release System of circles, where long-lasting PFOA free nonstick coats elevated circles. Circulon Cookware pots and pans are designed to provide exceptional food release without the need for added fats and oils, helping to keep foods lower in calories. Use our durable 5 quart Dutch ovens with metal and other utensils. Our 4.5 quart Dutch ovens and all Circulon nonstick cookware clean up with ease, so less time is spent in the kitchen and more time can be enjoyed with friends and family.

Find the best Dutch ovens from Circulon for PFOA free nonstick cookware pots that include shatter-resistant glass lids to allow constant monitoring of foods while cooking. Choose Circulon cookware that features durable steel handles for added confidence when moving pots between cooking stations.

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Our best Dutch ovens make wonderful gifts for anyone who enjoys cooking big pots of chili, fresh vegetable soups or hearty beef stews.

Reach for the best Dutch ovens from Circulon when simmering an aromatic turkey stock to use as a base for turkey noodle soup or to save and freeze to add to future dishes. Discover Circulon Cookware PFOA free nonstick pots that are ideal for browning beef and sauteing vegetables on the stove top, then adding liquids and spices and moving them to the oven to slow cook a savory stew. Find 5 quart Dutch ovens that can be used on induction and all other stove tops. Choose 4.5 quart Dutch ovens that are built with heavy duty hard anodized construction to promote optimum heat conduction.
Products 1 - 3 of 3