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Circulon Nylon Tools

Dishwashing Brushes & Small Bristle Cleaning Brushes

Many Circulon cleaning brushes feature stylish stainless steel handles enhanced with rubber for a comfortable and confident grasp. These Circulon nylon tools feature a nylon bristle head that is gentle enough to be used to clean nonstick surfaces. Choose dishwashing brushes that feature a loop in the handle so they can hang near the sink for convenient storage. Our small cleaning brushes feature such a sleek, contemporary design that they look great stored from a hanging loop or in a countertop utensil holder.

Try cleaning brushes from Circulon that are dishwasher safe to make them easy to use for a variety of cleaning and cooking needs. Use these Circulon nylon tools to scrub nonstick and other pans, or to clean potatoes and carrots.

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Reach for cleaning brushes from Circulon when washing anything from dinner dishes to a favorite stockpot.

Use our versatile cleaning brushes for everything from scrubbing pots and pans to cleaning fresh carrots or potatoes. These Circulon nylon tools are must-haves in any well stocked kitchen. Dishwashing brushes help with the toughest cleaning jobs, and can also help wash the dinner dishes. We carry small cleaning brushes that are dishwasher safe to make it easy to use them for both scrubbing cookware and cleaning vegetables.
Products 1 - 1 of 1