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Round & Square Cake Pans

9 Inch Cake Pans & Nonstick Circulon Bakeware

Circulon cake pans offer high-performance features that make serious baking seriously simple. Our sleek round cake pans are most commonly used in pairs to create traditional layer cakes that will make any birthday celebration extra special. With square cake pans, bar cookies, golden corn bread, or rich and chewy brownies are easier than ever. Choose from 9 inch cake pans for nonstick bakeware that is as easy to bake with as it is to clean up afterwards.

Cake pans are Circulon Bakeware that feature the TOTAL® Food Release System of circles, which reduce abrasion from regular use of metal utensils. Pair round cake pans for layer cakes or use square cake pans for bars, brownies, and breads.

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High performance cake pans are nonstick cookware that makes baking easier and more efficient.

Cake pans from Circulon are constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel for even heat distribution and unparalleled durability. Round cake pans and square cake pans are nonstick bakeware, which offer excellent food release for beautiful presentation and easy clean up. These square cake pans and round cake pans boast warp-resistant surfaces that evenly brown baked goods. 9 inch cake pans and our other Circulon Bakeware are ideal for any busy family kitchen.

With cake pans, sheet cakes, layer cakes, bars and brownies are a cinch. Use two round cake pans to create delicious layer cakes. Our square cake pans will help you turn out corn bread, chewy fudge brownies and assorted bread puddings with ease. Add 9 inch cake pans to start your collection of nonstick bakeware with the most commonly used cake pans, or complement your existing Circulon Bakeware with these essentials.
Products 1 - 2 of 2