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Enamel On Steel Tea Kettles

Hot Water Kettles, Coffee Kettles & Unique Tea Kettles

Colorful whistling tea kettles from Circulon are a great choice for boiling water for hot beverages. These stylish enamel on steel tea kettles are made with a unique silhouette that makes a contemporary statement. Hot water kettles feature a convenient flip top spout and comfortable handle, making them the perfect Circulon teakettles for using every day. With coffee kettles in a variety of beautiful colors, there's something for every kitchen style.

Whistling tea kettles are a classic element in any kitchen. These enamel on steel tea kettles are a colorful way to prepare coffee, tea or cocoa.

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Whistling tea kettles are an essential kitchen accessory.

Whistling tea kettles let you know the instant water boils, making them a convenient choice for any kitchen. These enamel on steel tea kettles are available in a array of beautiful, contemporary colors that add a cheerful touch to the stove top. These hot water kettles are made with heavy duty construction that allows water to heat quickly, perfect for a cup of morning tea or instant coffee. These coffee kettles are unique tea kettles, made with a sleek design that's sure to have guests talking.
Products 1 - 6 of 6