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Sauce Pots

Stainless Steel Saucepans, Nonstick Saucepans & Quart Sauce Pans

Lovely saucepan cookware is one of the most commonly used of our Circulon cookware. Our sauce pots come in a range of attractive finishes, like our stylish charcoal hard anodized aluminum and bold, red heavy gauge aluminum. Or find handsome stainless steel saucepans, which are polished to perfection. These nonstick saucepans from Circulon will perform the simplest and the most complicated tasks with ease.

You’ll love our saucepan cookware for its fast, even heating and great cooking results. And these sauce pots feature a 3-layer nonstick for excellent food release and easy cleanup.

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With sauce pan cookware, effortlessly boil new potatoes, warm up soup or create a tangy hollandaise for friends and family.

Saucepan cookware from Circulon can handle a workload. Whether you use sauce pots for reheating grandma’s chicken soup, or you use sauce pans to create a creamy Verde sauce for chicken enchiladas, you will find that Circulon cookware is unparalleled for performance. Our stainless steel saucepans are covered, nonstick sauce pans that also have a built-in strainer. Other elegant nonstick saucepans also feature the TOTAL® Food Release System, which reduces surface abrasion and makes these quart saucepans metal utensil safe too.

Saucepan cookware, like our Infinite Circulon and Circulon Symmetry offer snug-fitting stainless steel lids to retain moisture and lock in flavor. Our Circulon Contempo sauce pots feature glass lids with straining holes and have a vivid red hue that will reenergize any kitchen. And our stainless steel saucepans are almost too pretty to use, but are too high performing not to. Choose nonstick saucepans from our selection of professional quality Circulon cookware for all of your epicurean delights.
Products 1 - 11 of 11