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Flat Griddles

Double Burner Griddle, Nonstick & Stove Top Griddles

Griddle pans are contemporary in style, unique in silhouette and unparalleled in performance. Our flat griddles make meal time a cinch with 3-layer nonstick technology. Use double burner griddle pans to create a steak and eggs breakfast for the entire family or stovetop griddles to perfect your famous crab cakes. Our nonstick griddles in heavy-gauge, hard anodized aluminum are essential Circulon cookware for every kitchen.

For handsome griddle pans, the possibilities are endless. Flat griddles offer comfortable silicone and stainless handles, TOTALĀ® Food Release, and are ideal for flipping flapjacks or turning turkey burgers.

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Modern in design, our griddle pans use state-of-the-art technology to make delicious and traditional family meals.

Griddle pans from Circulon are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Our flat griddles come in both round and square designs. We also feature double burner griddle pans, which can handle meals for the entire family. And our nonstick griddles feature the TOTALĀ® Food Release System for easy cleanup, and hard anodized construction for even heating and cooking.

Sophisticated griddle pans are an essential addition to your collection of Circulon cookware. These flat griddles make flipping gourmet cheeseburgers and blueberry pancakes a breeze. And our double burner griddle means you can feed a crowd. Use nonstick griddles for their function; love our stove top griddles for their form.
Products 1 - 5 of 5