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Nonstick & Oven Safe Skillets

Anodized Aluminum Skillets, 8 & 10 Inch Skillets

Circulon Elite skillets are durable, easy to clean cookware, crafted for fast and even heating to help reduce hot spots that can burn foods. Our nonstick skillets have exteriors that are beautiful and functional, adding style and sophistication to the kitchen. These high quality, oven safe skillets offer comfortable handles for a confident grip when transferring into and out of the oven. Plus, our anodized aluminum skillets release foods easily.

Circulon Elite skillets are ideal for cooking omelets and vegetable side dishes, and this nonstick cookware is roomy enough to pan-fry pork chops or sear salmon for a delectable dinner. Our nonstick skillets have coatings that make it easy to slide foods out of the pans and onto serving plates, so you can wow guests with your impeccable presentation.

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Circulon Elite skillets can handle a skillet supper of sausage and onions or beef and potatoes to round out the day, and these nonstick skillets are essential tools for preparing the family breakfast every morning.

Circulon Elite skillets will allow you to enjoy the benefits of cooking in beautiful cookware. These nonstick skillets offer easy access to foods, whether to toss and turn ingredients, check for doneness, or effortlessly slide foods out of the pan and onto the plate. Our oven safe skillets feature a generous size that can accommodate larger quantities with ease, so it’s simple to prepare pork chops for four or a family-sized frittata. Reach for anodized aluminum skillets, whether for quick pork-fried rice on a busy weeknight or a leisurely weekend brunch with family or friends.

Circulon Elite skillets have long lasting cooking surfaces, which means there's need to worry about food sticking or about scrubbing dirty pans. Circulon’s nonstick skillets are perfect for cooks who enjoy a dash of polish in the kitchen because they feature a sleek metallic finish. Our oven safe skillets provide quick and even heat distribution, whether cooking omelets, making quesadillas, sautéing vegetables or searing steaks. With these anodized aluminum skillets, cleanup is quick and easy.
Products 1 - 2 of 2