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2 Quart Small Sauce Pans

Covered Strainer Saucepans & Circulon Contempo Cookware

Saucepans from Circulon offer professional performance at unbeatable prices. These 2 quart sauce pans are made of durable stainless steel, ensuring efficient heat distribution for outstanding culinary performance. Circulon’s small sauce pans also feature shatter-resistant lids, durable handles, and our sauce pans are oven safe. Plus, our covered saucepans are ideal for heating favorite sauces and side dishes.

Durable saucepans from Circulon are the perfect addition to any chef’s at-home kitchen. Circulon’s 2 quart sauce pans are second-to-none with durable construction of stainless steel and shatter-resistant glass lids.

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High-quality saucepans from Circulon distribute heat evenly on gas and electric stoves, making them perfectly suited for maintaining a steady simmer.

Professional quality saucepans include high quality in a stylish and sophisticated form. Our 2 quart sauce pans are designed with a nonstick formula that delivers superior durability. Small sauce pans from Circulon are made of durable stainless steel that distributes heat quickly and evenly. These covered saucepans come with shatter-resistant glass lids that allow cooks to monitor foods without losing heat or moisture.

Saucepans from Circulon feature shapes that allow for speedy evaporation and easy stirring. In addition, 2 quart sauce pans from Circulon are oven safe, so whether you’re simmering or roasting gourmet dishes, our saucepans make a seamless transition. Circulon’s small sauce pans also feature a sophisticated nonstick finish and color with coordinating handles. These covered saucepans are professional quality cookware—perfect for any home chef’s kitchen.
Products 1 - 2 of 2