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Circulon Genesis Aluminum Cookware

Stir Fry Pans, Non Stick Cookware, Red Pans & 12 Inch Fry Pans

For durable, attractive stir frys, reach for Circulon Cookware. With our Circulon Genesis Aluminum Cookware, it's easy to toss, stir and cook everything from popular chicken and broccoli to flavorful steak with soba noodles. The 12 inch stir fry pans are eye-catching red pans that add flair to the kitchen. This non stick cookware releases food so well that no added oil is needed, leading to healthier eating.

Use Circulon nonstick stir frys to make healthy, delicious meals for family and friends. Our Circulon Genesis Aluminum Cookware includes bright red stir fry pans that combine stylish design and top-notch performance.

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Circulon nonstick stir frys provide extraordinary food release, and the attractive red pans also resist scratching, staining and chipping.

Circulon stir frys feature heavy-duty aluminum construction that provides fast, even heating. Use these Circulon Genesis Aluminum Cookware red pans to complement other Circulon Cookware for continuity in the kitchen. The stir fry pans are great for preparing Asian-inspired dishes such as broccoli and chicken or pork and soba noodles. Don't miss this non stick cookware when wanting 12 inch fry pans with a dual riveted stainless steel handle.

Enjoy Circulon stir frys with the TOTAL ® Food Release System of circles that helps reduce abrasion from metal and other utensils. This Circulon Genesis Aluminum Cookware is safe for many kinds of stovetops and goes into the oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The stir fry pans are red pans that add color and flair to the kitchen. With this non stick cookware, exceptional food release eliminates the need for added oil, leading to healthier cooking.
Products 1 - 1 of 1