Rosemary Mark

Culinary consultant to food companies and commodities board for 20 years. As a culinary consultant to food companies and commodity boards for over 20 years, Rosemary’s approach to recipe development is ‘real-life recipes for regular cooks,’ following her 4-A's: Appealing, Approachable, Accurate and Achievable for everyday cooking. With attention to current trends and consumer appeal, her recipes are trendy, yet not too edgy. She strives for intriguing, without intimidating, and healthful when appropriate to the product or promotion. She loves the mission of creating an irresistible recipe to go with a product. One favorite and challenging project was recipes using Dreyer's frozen fruit bars. What could be made with a fruit bar on a stick? She turned the bars into custom flavored beverages. A party fruit "bar" for guests to create their own flavors of mojitos, margaritas and mimosas.