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  • Why Cooking Isn’t “For the Birds”

    While most of our four-legged pets appreciate the aroma of grilled meat emanating from the stove, our winged friends might not and here’s why. Birds have small and fragile respiratory systems, so they may not tolerate cooking fumes in the … more

  • Ingenuity and Less Elbow Grease: The Best Nonstick Cleaners

    Some cooks think the best way to remove stubborn stains and food particles from their nonstick cookware is to scrub furiously with steel wool or other harsh abrasives. Fortunately, less elbow grease and more ingenuity give much better results. The … more

  • The Reason to Season

    Before I came to work for a cookware company, my concept of seasoning was limited to anything I could drizzle, shake and pour over my food to make it taste better. I soon learned that “seasoning” also applies to the … more

  • It’s Spring All Over – Inspiration for Springtime Cooking at the Farmer’s Market

    When you hear words like daffodils, forsythia, tulips, radishes, mint and baby carrots, what do you think of? For me, it’s all about renewal and springtime. Growing up in New England, these things have always brought a smile to my … more

  • The Shape of Things – Choosing Cookware Part 2: Features (shapes, lids, handles)

    When choosing cookware, there are many factors to consider, but they can be easily divided into materials and features. In Choosing Cookware Part 1: Materials, we reviewed the metals, and combinations of metals, from which cookware is constructed. But pots and … more

  • Pans By Any Other Names – Choosing Cookware Part 1: Materials

    With so many options available in the world of pots and pans, picking what’s best for you and your lifestyle can be overwhelming. Here you’ll quickly learn key information about the most popular materials that pots and pans are made … more

  • Ecosystems in Balance – How to Select Sustainably Sourced Fish

    Healthy diets often contain fish as part of the meal rotation. Fish is a high protein source that has fewer calories than other protein options such as poultry or red meat. Fish is also rich in important nutrients like essential … more

  • A Good Soak – How to Marinate Meats and Fish for Best Results

    To marinate or not to marinate? That is the question we posed to expert chef Bruce Aidells, author ofThe Complete Meat Cookbook and founder of Aidells Sausage Company. His answers to this and other questions were generous, open and friendly, like … more

  • Beyond the Hype – Discovering the Healthful Properties of Chocolate

    Is chocolate a health food? Sadly, no. But, chocolate does have some healthful properties that, when taken in moderation, can be part of a wholesome balanced diet. You’ve probably heard this before. For several years now, there’s been buzz around … more

  • Capture the Season All Year Long – Canning and Preserving

    Everything old is new again, so the saying goes. Canning and preserving is no exception, and it’s definitely back. For starters, canning is “on trend” with several current food philosophies – like eating locally grown foods more often, practicing more … more

  • Easter Monday Eggs – Delicious Recipes for Hard Boiled Eggs

    You boiled them, you decorated them, you hid them, they found them… now what? Yes, you can eat them, particularly if you don’t mind a slight lavender or turquoise tinge to your food, as long as they have remained refrigerated … more

  • Dirt On Our Hands – Community Supported Agriculture Encourages Healthy Eating and Supports Local Farms

    Community Supported Agriculture may not be brand new, but it is an idea whose time has come. Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA’s, have become increasingly popular as a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal … more

  • Giving Thanks

    Remembering the Thanksgiving traditions of a childhood in New England and a mom who, it seemed, could do it all. Growing up in New England and having a mom who is a professional chef means that you take Thanksgiving very … more

  • Induction Cooking

    Induction Cooking – Why is it so Hot (and Cold)? The Hot… Induction is a method of cooking using electromagnetic energy that turns a pan (like an Infinite Circulon pan) into the heat source. Instead of heating the area under … more

  • Eggcellent – Boiling and Peeling the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

    OK, laugh if you like – this is not a recipe for “how to boil water,” but it isn’t much harder. It’s that time of year when grocery stores feature special 18-count cartons of eggs. Turquoise Egg Salad becomes the … more

  • Luck of the Irish – Ireland’s “New” Farm-to-Table Food Movement

    World class cuisine may not be the first or even the third thing that comes to mind when we think of Ireland – in fact, it may not occur to us at all. Behind leprechauns, pots of gold, four leaf … more

  • Healthy Fish Guide

    Healthy diets almost always contain fish, a protein food with fewer calories than other protein options such as poultry or red meat. Fish also allows for menu variety as well since it’s easily steamed, baked, fried or poached. An abundance … more