Healthy diets often contain fish as part of the meal rotation. Fish is a high protein source that has fewer calories than other protein options such as poultry or red meat. Fish is also rich in important nutrients like essential omega-3 fatty acids – important for heart and brain health – and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Fish allows for menu variety as well, since it’s easily steamed, baked, sautéed or poached.

An abundance of species and flavors has led people to fish for these deliciously nutritious quarries for thousands of years. Now, continuous introduction of new technologies to the fishing industry has allowed for more efficient fishing on a larger scale than ever before – sometimes depleting natural resources and endangering ocean ecosystems.

However, we can work to replenish the riches of our oceans through better fishing practices and consumer awareness. Purchasing seafood that is farmed or caught in responsible and sustainable ways is a crucial part of healthy living, for us and for the ecosystem.

Fortunately, we now have several tools at hand to help locate sustainably fished species, wherever we live. And, with smartphones and apps, we can have this information at our fingertips, right in the grocery store, when we’re deciding what fish to bring home for dinner.

One of the most highly respected apps providing this kind of information is Seafood Watch from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has been working with consumers, fishermen, restaurants, retailers and suppliers to make a difference since 1999. Download the SeafoodWatch app from iTunes, or visit Seafoodwatch.orgto learn more.

The Blue Ocean Institute uniquely works to build consumer awareness about the issue of sustainable fishing and help restore living abundance in the ocean. To learn more, visit

Armed with this information and the determination to shepherd the ocean’s resources wisely, we can have our fish and eat it, too – and so can future generations.

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