A ripe pineapple looks full and smells sweet and fresh on the bottom. To slice a pineapple, cut off the top (the “crown”) and about 1 inch off the bottom. Stand it on its newly flattened bottom and cut off the exterior skin, working top to bottom (a serrated knife works very well). Cut away just enough skin to remove the skin and “eyes.” Looking at the top, you will see the round center core; this is woody and fibrous and can have less flavor. Cut large sections down around this center core, or slice through it and strip off that section from each piece. These long slices can be left whole or cut into chunks. Or instead, cut into slices any way you like – on its side for round slices, or cut in half top to bottom for semi-circle slices, etc. Pick a fresh pineapple and enjoy a tropical fruit boost that is sweet, juicy and perfect for summer snacking.

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