Wedding and Gift Registry

Congratulations on your marriage! Circulon is the perfect beginning for couples as they embark on a new life and journey together. With many outstanding gourmet cookware collections and an array of kitchenware products, Circulon has just the right pieces to create a collection that highlights your cooking and entertaining style. Enjoy a healthy lifetime of innovation and inspiration with Circulon!

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Create & Complete $400

Create and complete a $400 Circulon registry and receive a complimentary "Sweetheart Bundle" as your exclusive gift for a sweet start together every day.

Sweetheart Bundle

$175 Value

  • Momentum 11" Sweetheart Griddle
  • Symmetry 9.5" Stir Fry

Before we process your Circulon Registry gift, please tell us a little about yourself.(7 questions; only takes a few minutes to complete)

1. What were your three most important category priorities when you were setting up your registry? (Select three) Please select three category priorities.
Fine China
Kitchen Tools
Toasting Flutes
Wine Glasses
Please enter a valid entry.
2. Which of the following factors influenced your cookware registration decision? (Select all that apply) Please select at least one influencing factor.
Already Own Brand
Brand Reputation
Bridal Registry Event
Bridal Magazine
Facebook Post
Friend or Family Recommendation
A Fellow Bride
Product Features
Salesperson Recommendation
Saw Product on Television
Store Catalog
Store Display
Store Website
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3. Which of the following statements reflect your views on cooking? (Select all that apply) Please select at least one statement.
I love cooking with seasonal ingredients
I usually make a "weekend meal" that takes more than 2 hours to prepare
I like to take a recipe and put my own twist on it
I stick with easy-to-prepare recipes
I plan ahead by deciding what I will cook throughout the week
I wish I knew more tips and tricks to entertain with my cooking
I would like to cook more often now that I'm married
I wish I had more time to cook
I would cook more often if I thought I was better at it
I cook out of necessity, but do not enjoy cooking
4. I consider myself a(n): (Select one) Please select one description of your cooking style.
Accomplished Cook - Creative and innovative, this season's unique "ingredient du jour" doesn't intimidate you!
Intermediate Cook - Your tried and true recipes have never let you down. As long as you follow them, you got this!
Novice Cook - Full of potential, you're ready to let your microwave rest and start your first DIY cooking project!
5. The recipes I most often cook are best described as: (Select one) Please select one recipe option.
Simple, healthy foods
Traditional family recipes
Experimental, creative cuisines
6. How often do you cook? (Select one) Please select one option.
1 day a week
2-3 days a week
4-5 days a week
Every night
7. How would you describe your entertaining style? (Select one) Please select one style.
Your couch and a bottle – or three – of wine. It's a food group, right?
Whatever is freshest in the grocery store ready-made section, can be thrown into a bowl and served as is.
Borrowing mom's recipe box for a casual dinner – if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Recipe schmecipe. Whipping up something new from pantry ingredients is fun!
I love my menu to match my theme and my Pinterest board. #ThisIsGoingOnInstagram
Entertaining is an art, and menu planning is a science. I majored in both!