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Porcelain Kettles

Red Tea Kettles, Black & Silver Tea Kettles

Contemporary tea kettles have beautiful glossy finishes to complement any modern kitchen decor. Circulon coffee kettles are red tea kettles, black and silver tea kettles that have snug-fitting lids to retain heat and provide a quick boil. These porcelain kettles can be used on any cook surface, and are even safe for induction ranges. Choose red tea kettles or black and silver teaware to share your favorite hot beverages with loved ones.

Tea kettles are an affordable way to bring coffee-house brews to the comfort of your own home. Our coffee kettles will turn out rich roasts from Columbia or a traditional Chinese Green Teas.

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Tea kettles feature gorgeous stain-resistant exteriors with removable stainless steel lids.

Tea kettles from Circulon are the ideal way to entertain friends and family. With coffee kettles, enjoy hot brews while creating lasting memories with loved ones. These porcelain kettles are constructed of long-lasting carbon steel for proper heat conduction and long-lasting durability. Our red tea kettles are whistling kettles too with a spring-loaded spout that will let you know as soon as your water boils.

Modern tea kettles are essential for any host, who loves fine coffees and teas brewed at home. Our coffee kettles are simple to use, and even easier to clean with stain-resistant exteriors. Porcelain kettles boast bold color and polished-to-perfection stainless lids that cover large openings, which make our teaware easy to fill. Red tea kettles and black and silver tea kettles also feature stylish handles that are supported by stainless steel arms for a confident and comfortable grip every time.
Products 1 - 17 of 17