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Nylon Spoons

Cooking Spoons & Solid & Slotted Spoons

Kitchen serving spoons from Circulon can handle almost any epicurean endeavor. With nylon spoons, tossing, turning, draining and serving are all culinary tasks that these cooking spoons can handle with ease. Choose from solid and slotted spoons depending on the dish you are creating. Both styles of cooking spoons boast sturdy nylon construction with stainless steel shafts and SantopreneĀ® grips for comfort.

Not only are kitchen serving spoons beautiful with bold color, but these cooking spoons are also simple to clean. Nylon spoons are dishwasher safe and are ideal for using with your nonstick cookware too.

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Kitchen serving spoons will add a pop to any modern kitchen decor with their sleek design and contemporary color.

Handy kitchen serving spoons are essential to any well-stocked kitchen. With nylon spoons, you don't have to be a professional chef to handle foods with confidence. Our solid and slotted spoons from Circulon offer a modern design that is dishwasher safe and heat-resistant. These cooking spoons won't scrape or scratch your high end cookware when conquering virtually any culinary task you ask of them.

Use kitchen serving spoons to gently pull potatoes from boiling water. Or choose nylon spoons to stir and serve a delicate Bechamel sauce or a hearty gravy. Both solid and slotted spoons are essential to your kitchen cooking tools and utensils. And these cooking spoons will provide many years of healthy and delicious dishes for loved ones.
Products 1 - 2 of 2