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Electric Probes & Cords

Wok & Griddle Parts, Electric Skillet Cords

Find cookware replacement parts to fit Circulon electric saute pans, griddles or woks. Our electric probes and cords feature control knobs that allow home chefs to adjust the temperature from simmer to high heat. These wok and griddle parts are designed to work with Circulon model numbers 48785, 45681 and 45881. Electric skillet cords can breathe new life into our durable nonstick electric cookware after their cords have been lost or damaged.

Discover cookware replacement parts that allow conscientious home chefs to have a spare cord just in case the original is misplaced or damaged. Circulon electric probes and cords connect to specific models to allow cooks to prepare weekday or special meals on the counter or table.

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Find cookware replacement parts that make it easy to cook with that electric wok, griddle or saute pan that's missing its cord.

Cookware replacement parts allow home chefs to use Circulon electric woks, griddles and 12-inch saute pans again after the cord has been misplaced. Our electric probes and cords can be purchased separately to make our long-lasting electric cookware work once again. These wok and griddle parts make it easy to re-energize electric cookware and make General Tso's Chicken or crispy stir-fried vegetables with the high heat they need. Use these electric skillet cords with our 12-inch electric saute pans to saute onions and garlic to add to a larger dish or to make Coq au Vin and other special dishes.

Choose cookware replacement parts to keep an extra cord on hand in case one goes out when preparing dishes for a dinner party. Our electric probes and cords feature temperature control knobs to adjust heat to the right temperature for the dish being cooked. These wok and griddle parts fit models numbered 48785, 45681 and 45881. Find the right electric skillet cords that coordinate with our heavy-duty nonstick saute pans to prepare meals for family gatherings.
Products 1 - 1 of 1