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Kitchen Utensil Sets

Serving Spoons, Mini Flex Turners, Slotted Turners & Spoons

Nylon cooking tools by Circulon constructed with durable stainless steel shafts are built to last. Our kitchen utensil sets that include slotted turners, solid and slotted spoons, ladles and pasta forks give home chefs all the essential tools needed to cook every meal of the day. Slotted turners and spoons, mini flex turners and our other kitchen tools are designed with comfortable handles to make cooking and serving meals easier. Choose these serving spoons to make it easy to serve hot or cold foods.

Nylon cooking tools by Circulon in a contemporary design add a burst of color to any kitchen. Our kitchen utensil sets that include five essential tools add a coordinated look to the kitchen.

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Nylon cooking tools by Circulon add a cheerful burst of color to any kitchen.

Choose Circulon nylon cooking tools when making anything from a pancake and bacon breakfast to a hearty beef vegetable soup. Our kitchen utensil sets include all the essential tools any novice or seasoned home chef needs. Slotted turners and spoons allow hot liquids to drain off when flipping burgers and scooping boiled potatoes from a pot. These serving spoons make it easy to dish up bowls of chicken noodle soup or spoon homemade red sauce onto plates of pasta.

Nylon cooking tools are ideal for use with nonstick and other cookware surfaces. Find durable kitchen utensil sets constructed with stainless steel shafts and nylon heads for long-lasting use. These slotted turners and spoons and other kitchen tools feature soft Santoprene® handles for a comfortable grip. Our serving spoons, mini flex turners, ladles and other nylon utensils are conveniently dishwasher safe.
Products 1 - 6 of 6