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Table Top Burners

Cooking & Portable Butane Burners

Choose Circulon single butane burners to keep dishes hot during a casual dinner party. These table top burners feature push-button ignitions and temperature control knobs for easy use. Discover cooking burners crafted with gleaming stainless steel to add an elegant look to any table. Our portable butane burners are easy to take along to a park to keep dishes warm during a summer picnic.

Discover single butane burners that are ideal for use with Circulon cookware when making a special breakfast or to add flair to a simple weekday meal. Table top burners move easily from counter top to serving table to allow home chefs to prepare and serve dishes anywhere they desire.

Single butane burners feature easy-start push-button ignitions to make lighting simple.

Choose single butane burners to keep enchiladas, grilled chicken or fresh vegetable casseroles warm for a special buffet lunch. Circulon table top burners are ideal for cooking omelets or scrambled eggs at the table to turn a simple breakfast into a celebration. These cooking burners can also be used to make and serve a cheesy fondue on the coffee table for a casual get-together. Choose portable butane burners to take the party outside for an afternoon picnic or a quiet night on the patio.

Find single butane burners with easy to use push-button ignitions that allow hassle-free lighting. These table top burners feature temperature control knobs to adjust the flame and regulate the temperature with ease. Our cooking burners are crafted with stylish stainless steel for long-lasting durability. Choose portable butane burners for their dishwasher safe cradles to make cleanup a breeze.