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Paella Pans

Asparagus Steamer Pots & Frittata Pan Sets

Hard anodized aluminum specialty pans from Circulon includes all the pieces you need, whether you’re making a Valencian paella with vegetables, meat and beans, or a brunch of eggs Benedict and asparagus. Our paella pans are ideal for creating a seafood paella or paella mixta, a traditional Spanish dish of saffron rice combined with sweet paprika, garlic and olive oil. Our asparagus steamer pots will come in handy from dawn until dusk, for preparing asparagus and other veggies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The frittata pan sets from Circulon make creating a frittata effortless, as there’s no need to transfer the dish into an oven or broiler. Try Circulon Contempo Cookware for all of your specialty pan needs.

Hard anodized aluminum specialty pans from Circulon can help you make a healthy breakfast on the go or a luxurious brunch spread. With our paella pans and asparagus steamer pots, you’ll be able to make gourmet dishes every single day.

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These functional hard anodized aluminum specialty pans will be a welcome addition to any kitchen that values innovation, convenience, healthy cooking and style.

Hard anodized aluminum specialty pans from Circulon offer the quality you expect from Circulon as well as a whole range of culinary possibilities. Our unique paella pans move easily from oven to table for a sensational presentation. And our asparagus steamer pots with basket are a great way to prepare asparagus, as well as larger vegetables like carrots, and the basket has a collapsible handle that helps lift it out of the pot so that asparagus spears can be easily plated intact. With our frittata pan sets, you can create the perfect combination of flavors, from ham and potato to goat cheese and asparagus.

Our hard anodized aluminum specialty pans will take you on a culinary adventure. Circulon’s paella pans are extra-wide and shallow, with slanted sides, so they’re perfect for creating an authentic Spanish dish. With our asparagus steamer pots, you’ll be able to add asparagus to nearly anything, from poached eggs with hollandaise sauce to rack of lamb, and. Our frittata pan sets feature two durable, nonstick French skillets interlock, tightly sealing in the ingredients--when one side has finished cooking, simply flip the skillets so the other side of the frittata can cook to perfection.
Products 1 - 3 of 3