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Cooking Pots

Non Stick Pots & 3 Quart Stock Pots

Hard anodized aluminum saucepots can handle a rapid boil or a gentle simmer, and they include glass lids that make it easy to sneak a quick peek at your bubbling concoction. Our cooking pots are designed with home chefs in mind, and when corn is in season, this cookware may never leave the stove. These durable 3 quart stock pots are generously sized – they will hold a pound of noodles, a chicken with vegetables, or a New England boiled dinner of corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots. Additionally, these non stick pots resist wear and tear due to sturdy construction inside and out.

Hard anodized aluminum saucepots have wide profiles, making it easy to add ingredients, sliding them in from a cutting board or pouring them from another pot. These sophisticated cooking pots are perfect for large jobs, whether it’s your grandma’s vegetable beef soup, a batch of marinara sauce, or the pasta to put it on.

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Hard anodized aluminum saucepots from Circulon are ideal for use on a variety of cooktops because this cookware conducts heat quickly and evenly, and our cooking pots are oven safe for easy transfer.

From stocks to soups, hard anodized aluminum saucepots will come in handy whether you’re boiling water for pasta or blanching your favorite vegetables. Our cooking pots will become your favorite go-to pans for many of your comfort food recipes for years to come. The design of these 3 quart stock pots causes them to heat up quickly, ensuring professional quality performance at home. Our non stick pots are stylish and sophisticated, and these stockpots are easy to clean.

Hard anodized aluminum saucepots from Circulon have hard-anodized aluminum bodies, offering the dual advantages of rapid, even heating and superior durability. You can use these cooking pots whether you're preparing a stock for vegetable soup, browning beef bones for beef stock, or simmering chili all day long until the flavors are blended to perfection, guaranteeing delicious results. These 3 quart stock pots maximize the reduction of liquids for more concentrated stocks and heartier, more flavorful soups and stews. Our high quality non stick pots are oven safe, and this high quality cookware makes stirring, whisking braising, and reducing sauces a breeze.
Products 1 - 2 of 2