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Cooking Pots & Pans

Non Stick Skillets, Straining Saucepans & Cookware Sets

Aluminum cookware comes in convenient sets or cooks can find individual pieces of Circulon Cookware, as well. Beautiful cooking pots and pans have bright red exteriors, sleek design and modern technology. Pans like non stick skillets, covered saute pans and covered stockpots are ideal for family-sized meals and side dishes. And straining sauce pans and Dutch Ovens are specialty pieces that turn otherwise simple meals into gourmet endeavors.

High performance aluminum cookware boasts heavy-duty construction for even heat distribution and long lasting use. Our cooking pans also have comfortable rubber and stainless steel handles that are double riveted for a confident grip every time.

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Find aluminum cookware in every shape and size, and tackle any culinary task with our Circulon Cookware.

Gorgeous aluminum cookware is as beautiful as it is functional. These cooking pots and pans from Circulon offer fast, even heating for excellent cooking results. And our non stick skillets feature the TOTAL® Food Release System of unique DuPont Autograph® nonstick covered circles that make Circulon Cookware metal utensil safe too. Straining saucepans, covered stockpots, saute pans, French skillets and Dutch Ovens can be used on all cook tops including induction ranges for even greater versatility and convenience.

With aluminum cookware, you'll appreciate the nonstick surfaces that don't require greasing or oiling for easy food release. That means cooking pots and pans will turn out healthier meals that are just as delicious. Non stick skillets, saucepans, and saute pans have fold-out loops for convenient storage. And our straining saucepans, Dutch Ovens, stock pots and saute pans include shatter-resistant, tempered-glass lids, which keep heat and moisture within our cookware sets, where they belong.
Products 1 - 16 of 16