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Stir Fry Pans

8 Inch & 10 Inch Skillets, Red Stir Fry Skillets

Sleek aluminum skillets are beautiful, red skillets that will add a pop of bold color to any modern kitchen. However, these stir fry pans are more than just pretty faces. Circulon 8 inch and 10 inch skillets are constructed of sturdy aluminum that will help you turn out delicious meals for years to come. And red skillets have dual-riveted stainless and rubber handles, which provide a confident and comfortable grip with every use.

Some aluminum skillets have convenient helper handles while others are traditional stir fry skillets. Stir fry pans also have rounded, sloped sides inspired by traditional Chinese woks, which allow for rapid tossing and stirring of fresh vegetables and lean proteins.

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With aluminum skillets, make Asian-inspired meals for loved ones and enjoy simple cleanup afterwards, too.

Aluminum skillets are Circulon Cookware specifically designed for quick and easy meals. Use stir fry pans to make healthier meals as the DuPont Autograph® nonstick won't require heavy oils for excellent nonstick. Our 8 inch and 10 Inch skillets have flat bottoms and generous capacity so ingredients have plenty of surface area on which to cook quickly and evenly. Red skillets are also suitable for all cook surfaces, including induction ranges.

With aluminum skillets, energize the look of your kitchen with bright, red exteriors and modern profiles. Stir fry pans boast the ideal shape and size for traditional Chinese cooking and the sophistication of modern Circulon Cookware. 8 inch and 10 inch skillets feature the TOTAL® Food Release System of circles for easy food release and even simpler cleanup. Red skillets are handy stir fry skillets that cooks of every skill level will appreciate.
Products 1 - 7 of 7