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Circulon Genesis Aluminum Cookware

Indoor Grill Pans, Aluminum Grill Pans & Stovetop Grill Pans

Find shallow pans, like our heavy-duty aluminum grill pans, that are crafted to deliver optimum heat conduction so pans heat quickly and evenly. Choose Circulon Genesis Aluminum Cookware pieces that feature stylish designs and graceful stainless steel handles dual riveted to the pans for added confidence when moving them between cooking stations. Discover stovetop grill pans that feature raised ridges that hold foods up and away from the bottom of the pan and allow unwanted fats and juices to drain into the channels. Shallow indoor grill pans make it easy to reach and flip burgers, chops and other foods.

Discover shallow pans that are designed to release foods with ease to help provide a great mealtime presentation. Select Circulon Genesis Aluminum Cookware piece that feature PFOA free nonstick interiors and stain-resistant porcelain exteriors to make cleanup fast and simple.

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Discover shallow pans, like our indoor grill pans, for the convenience of preparing grilled steaks or pork chops with desirable sear marks in the kitchen.

Shallow pans, like our Circulon aluminum grill pans, make it easy to reach burgers, salmon steaks and even pineapple slices with a kitchen turner to flip and serve. Discover Circulon Genesis Aluminum Cookware that features the outstanding TOTAL ® Food Release System of elevated circles coated with three layers of PFOA free nonstick that reduces surface abrasion for longer-lasting cooking surfaces. These stovetop grill pans are so durable they can be used with metal utensils. Find Indoor grill pans that allow the fun of outdoor cooking to come into the kitchen so grill cooking can continue, no matter the weather or time of year.
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