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Kitchen & Cooking Spatulas

Slotted Spatulas, Cooking Utensils & Circulon Kitchen Tools

Enjoy cooking with food turners made with a nylon head and stainless steel shaft for added durability and strength. Our kitchen spatulas, like the Circulon Nylon Tools Slotted Turner in red, are cooking utensils that bring a touch of color into your kitchen décor. We designed these slotted cooking spatulas to aid in the removal of excess grease and cooking liquids, keeping more grease in the pan and less on your plate. Our dishwasher-safe slotted spatulas from Circulon kitchen tools are sure to make everyday cooking and dish-duty more enjoyable.

Try our slotted food turners or slotted spatulas for turning and lifting your burgers, bacon or fried eggs. These slotted kitchen spatulas allow liquid and grease to drip back into the pan, instead of onto your plate for healthier eating.

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Our strong but flexible food turners from Circulon kitchen tools, like the slotted kitchen spatulas, are just the right size to flip crab cakes, potato pancakes, patty melts and more.

You’ll enjoy cooking with food turners from Circulon, including our Circulon Nylon Tools Slotted Turner in red, as these cooking utensils will instantly energize the look of your kitchen with a burst of color. With slotted kitchen spatulas, the slots allow grease and liquids to drip back into the pan, making this the perfect tool for flipping burgers or sautéing onions. Our slotted cooking spatulas feature a contemporary design offering durable stainless steel and heat-resistant nylon construction that will not scrape or scratch nonstick cooking surfaces. Our slotted spatulas are Circulon kitchen tools that make preparing meals more enjoyable.

You’ll notice that our food turners are designed to feel great in your hand, offering a comfortable handle that is easy to use. Our slotted kitchen spatulas feature a stain-resistant head that is easy to clean. Try our cooking spatulas for breakfast while turning your eggs, for lunch while flipping your grilled cheese and for dinner while turning your sizzling panko chicken. These slotted spatulas and many other fine Circulon kitchen tools are dishwasher safe for your convenience.
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