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Dish Washing Brushes

Circulon Nylon Tools, Cleaning Brushes & Nylon Cleaning Brushes

Durable kitchen brushes make life in the kitchen easier. Choose Circulon dish washing brushes that feature long-lasting stain-resistant nylon bristles. Reach for cleaning brushes that are dishwasher safe so they are easy to clean and shift between cleaning and cooking chores. We carry nylon cleaning brushes that feature loops in the handles so they can hang for convenient storage so they are easy to reach.

Stylish kitchen brushes from Circulon make it easy to clean dishes, pots and pans, and just about anything used in the kitchen. These dish washing brushes are so stylish they can be kept on the kitchen counter in a utensil holder.

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Circulon kitchen brushes are great additions to any kitchenware collection.

Circulon kitchen brushes are ideal for cleaning those hard-to-reach corners of pans used to make hearty meatloaf or cheesy lasagna. These versatile dish washing brushes make it easy to scrub carrots, potatoes and other vegetables. Many cleaning brushes are dishwasher safe to make it easy to switch between cleaning pans and scrubbing vegetables. Nylon cleaning brushes from Circulon are durable enough to clean the tough spots, yet are gentle enough for scrubbing vegetables.
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