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Electric Probes & Cords

Electric Skillet Cords, Wok & Griddle Parts

Cookware replacement parts ensure your valuable Circulon Cookware is always at the ready. With electric probes and cords, get an economical "fix" for your favorite specialty cookware. These electric skillet cords are compatible with 12 inch electric skillets, woks and griddles. And our wok parts, griddle parts and electric skillet parts make getting delicious meals on the table again easier than ever.

Our cookware replacement parts are must-have essentials for every cook's kitchen. New electric probes and cords will turn non working cookware into meal-making favorites in no time.

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Keep cookware replacement parts on hand so woks, griddles and electric skillets are ready on a moment's notice.

Cookware replacement parts are the simple and economical way to repair Circulon Cookware. Our electric probes and cords are wok parts and griddle parts that every kitchen should have at the ready. These electric skillet cords fit snugly into our versatile 12 inch skillets. They are ideal wok parts and griddle parts, as well, so cords can do triple-duty in a busy family kitchen.

Convenient cookware replacement parts make replacing skillets, woks and griddles a thing of the past. Electric probes and cords will help you turn out hot one-dish meals in no time. Use electric skillet cords for slow-cooked meats and vegetables. Or choose wok parts for quick and healthy stir-fry meals. Wok, skillet and griddle parts make getting meals on the table top easier than ever.
Products 1 - 1 of 1