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Stir Fry Woks

Stir Fry Cookware, Hard Anodized Pans & Nonstick Pans

Stir fry pans in hard anodized aluminum are specialty pans every kitchen should have. These stir fry woks are nonstick pans, which require little or no oil to quickly turn sliced meats and vegetables into an authentic culinary delight. Stir fry cookware from Circulon symmetry features the TOTAL® Food Release System to reduce surface abrasion and DuPont Autograph® advanced 3-layer nonstick. With our hard anodized pans, you get high performance and stunning good looks in a single piece of Circulon cookware.

Stir fry pans are designed to quickly toss thinly sliced meats and vegetables over high heat. Use these stir fry woks to whip up a healthy and quick Asian-inspired meal, which will make dinnertime a cinch.

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Sophisticated and versatile stir fry pans, with and without helper handles, are an essential addition to your Circulon cookware.

Stir fry pans were inspired by the Ancient Chinese wok and have rounded, sloped sides for keeping all of your ingredients inside. These stir fry woks are constructed of heavy gauge, hard anodized aluminum with the innovative TOTAL® Release Food System, which reduces surface abrasion. Our elegant stir fry cookware is also metal utensil safe with nonstick interiors for quick and easy cleanup. Our hard anodized pans make Circulon cookware your “go-to” for specialty nonstick pans.

Contemporary stir fry pans make mealtime fun. Use stir fry woks to make Asian beef with snow peas or honey ginger shrimp and vegetables. Our stir fry cookware does most of the work for you. With hard anodized pans, just added beef, chicken or shrimp to your favorite vegetables, and the result is an absolutely delicious meal for the entire family.
Products 1 - 8 of 8