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Paella Pan With Lid

Hard Anodized Pans, Specialty & Nonstick Pans

Add contemporary paella pans to your arsenal of Circulon cookware. Our paella pan with lid has shallow sides and a generous base, which is designed specifically for this authentic Spanish dish. In addition to being hard anodized pans, these specialty pans will even stand up to the rigors of a professional’s kitchen. And our Circulon nonstick pans are suitable for most cook surfaces.

Chic paella pans have the depth, balance and shape to create delicious Spanish paella. Use this Paella pan with lid to cook saffron rice, olive oil, sweet paprika and garlic to perfection.

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Paella pans and crepe specialty pans in your collection of Circulon cookware are ideal for making extra special meals for friends and family.

Modern paella pans, with clean lines and a heavy-gauge, hard anodized construction, are second to none when making this authentic Spanish dish. Our paella pan with lid features the TOTAL® Food Release System to deliver excellent food release and to reduce the instances of surface abrasion. These hard anodized pans also deliver the joy of cooking each and every time you use them.

Paella pans are nonstick pans that every cook’s kitchen should possess. This paella pan with lid and crepe pan are specialty pans specifically designed for these authentic European dishes. Choose hard anodized pans, like our crepe and paella pans, and get quick heating, even cooking and simple cleanup. Add specialty pans to your assortment of Circulon cookware, and turn out savory, and sometimes delicate, dishes for your loved ones.
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