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Circulon Pans

Hard Anodized Pans, Sauce Pans, Quart Saucier & Sauce Pots

With saucier pans, breakfast, lunch and dinner are a snap. Choose these Circulon pans to add to your elegant set of Circulon cookware, and get versatility and superior cooking performance. You can use sauce pans to make dishes like your morning oatmeal or a creamy risotto. Large or small, a quart saucier pan will be well used and well loved by every cook.

Attractive saucier pans are a must-have addition to your repertoire of Circulon cookware. You will adore these Circulon pans for creating delicate sauces, smooth gravies and creamy risottos without burning or scorching.

Choose saucier pans with shatter-resistant lids for maintaining moisture and retaining remarkable flavor.

Stunning saucier pans are contemporary in style and unique in silhouette. These Circulon pans are designed specifically with widely rounded inside edges to allow whisks or spoons to reach the entire base of the pan. That’s what makes sauce pans from Circulon ideal for delicate sauces and dishes that are prone to scorching or burning. Choose a quart saucier pan or several of our hard anodized pans as multipurpose additions to your Circulon cookware.

Circulon saucier pans are the perfect choice for healthy and delicious cooking. Our Circulon pans offer an innovative 3-layer nonstick for easy cleanup. These sauce pans are constructed of hard anodized aluminum for long lasting durability and excellent cooking performance. And a quart saucier pan in chic black or bold red will be a fetching addition to your kitchen, as well.