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Sauce Pans

Circulon Pots, Large Sauce Pots & Hard Anodized Pots

Sauce pots in glossy aluminum finishes will instantly energize any kitchen. Our beautiful sauce pans are ideal for making tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Use Circulon pots for your oatmeal every morning, or to reheat grandma’s chicken soup for lunch. Or choose large sauce pots to make a rich and hearty Bolognese sauce for dinner. These saucepots are ideal for cooking every day, and make a fantastic addition to your Circulon cookware.

Sauce pots in a 3 quart size offer a very manageable way to make 1-dish meals for one person. With these petite sauce pans, you can keep your delicious ingredients to a minimum, while still getting the same great taste.

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Choose sauce pots in sleek black or lively red hard anodized aluminum, and get unparalleled cooking performance from our must-have Circulon pots.

Never before have sauce pots been so beautiful. Circulon sauce pans have sophisticated exteriors and snug-fitting tempered glass lids. Each of our Circulon pots also feature the TOTAL® Release Food System to reduce surface abrasion and DuPont Autograph® 3-layer nonstick. Our small and large sauce pots also have magnetic stainless steel bases, which are suitable for all cooktops.

With attractive sauce pots, you’ll love to show off the cooking process to family and friends. But these sauce pans will provide an even more exciting end result. Circulon pots will turn out a delicious béchamel sauce or healthy steamed broccoli. And our large sauce pots will accommodate generous portions for the entire family at once.
Products 1 - 3 of 3