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Circulon Acclaim Cookware & Frittata Pan Set

9 Inch Pans, French Skillets, Specialty Cookware & Cooking Pan Set

Frittata pans from Circulon are made with heavy duty construction and superior nonstick surfaces that eliminate the need for unhealthy oils to assist in food release. Circulon Acclaim Cookware frittata pans fit neatly together, providing a unique and easy way to flip eggs halfway through cooking. This frittata pan set features sturdy dual riveted handles for a confident grasp, along with convenient helper handles that make it easy to move the cooking pan set between cooking stations. Use the 9 inch pans in this specialty cookware set to create an asparagus and egg white frittata or side dish of turkey sausage. The French skillets can be used together or separately, making this set a versatile choice for mealtime.

With two frittata pans that fit together, this specialty cookware set makes it simple to flip frittatas and omelets. Circulon Acclaim Cookware French skillets are built to last, making this cooking pan set an excellent addition to any kitchen collection.

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Frittata pans take the work out of turning egg dishes.

These frittata pans are a unique and clever way to make healthy frittatas and omelets. From the Circulon Acclaim Cookware line, this nonstick cooking pan set features two interlocking pans that allow for even cooking and easy food release, without added oils or fats. Use the frittata pan set to cook eggs until set, then attach the top pan and easily flip over to finish cooking the other side. Complete with 9 inch pans that can be used together or separately, this specialty cookware set is truly a versatile addition to the kitchen. French skillets from Circulon Cookware are built with heavy duty construction and durable nonstick surfaces, making them a long lasting choice that cooks are sure to reach for time after time.
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