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Circulon Pans

4 Quart & 6 Quart Pans

Sophisticated chef pans combine technology for high performance and an elegant tulip shape for elegant design. Circulon pans feature the TOTAL® Food Release System of DuPont Autograph® nonstick-coated circles. This makes 4 quart pans metal utensil safe and offers excellent food release for easy cleanup. Our 6 quart pans also offer helper handles and shatter-resistant lids to retain heat and moisture.

Use chef pans to blanch vegetables or to simmer delicious sauces all day. Or choose Circulon pans for boiling pasta to a perfect al dente before tossing with zesty pesto sauce.

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Chef pans are roomy enough to make them ideal for browning meats, adding liquid, and finishing in a rich braise.

Circulon chef pans are versatile pans that belong in every cook's kitchen. These Circulon pans are created with heavy-duty aluminum for even heat conduction, unsurpassed durability and beautiful design. 4 quart pans boast DuPont's Autograph® Advanced 3-layer nonstick for excellent food release and simple cleanup - both inside and out. 6 quart pans have tempered-glass lids so cook's can monitor the cooking process without letting moisture and heat escape.

Circulon chef pans and cookware feature graceful cast stainless handles enhanced with rubberized grips for a comfortable and confident grip. These Circulon pans are metal utensil safe due to the innovative TOTAL® Food Release System of nonstick circles, which reduce surface abrasion. Our 4 quart pans are roomy enough for family-sized portions of broccoli. Or use 6 quart pans for generous batches of delicious Bolognese.
Products 1 - 4 of 4