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Casserole Pots & Pans

Nonstick Casseroles & Circulon Cookware

With Circulon casserole dishes, create delicious meals. Our casserole pots from Circulon are generously sized for an entire cauliflower or your richest risotto. Many of our casserole pans feature the TOTAL® Food Release System to reduce surface abrasion. And these are nonstick casseroles that are easy to clean and are safe for your favorite metal utensils.

Covered buffet casserole dishes are at home on the buffet as much as they are on the stovetop. Our beautiful casserole pots offer high performance cooking, nonstick surfaces and easy cleanup, which make them ideal for serving dishes from our Circulon cookware.

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Casserole dishes with a tall, tulip shape or buffet casserole pots with shorter sides move effortlessly from stovetop to oven to table.

Casserole dishes with contemporary styling also offer state-of-the-art performance. Our casserole pots from Circulon will turn out delicately steamed asparagus or creamy risotto. Or use casserole pans with steel colander lids to strain food directly from the pans. Many are nonstick casseroles, which feature DuPont’s™ 3-layer nonstick for easy food release and even easier cleanup.

Shop for elegant casserole dishes in an array of styles and sizes. Find casserole pots with chic black hard anodized finishes or rich chocolate hues with stainless steel lids. These casserole pans aren’t short on modern design and sleek lines. Our nonstick casseroles are extremely versatile pans for making your mother’s Bolognese Sauce or steaming whole heads of broccoli.
Products 1 - 5 of 5