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Circulon Tea Kettles

Stovetop Tea Kettles & Whistling Tea Kettles

Tea kettles by Circulon boil water quickly and whistle to let you know the water’s bubbling. These durable Circulon tea kettles are kitchen accessories that no tea lover should be without. Our stovetop tea kettles have a large easy-grab handle, and the stainless steel construction ensures quick and even heating. Circulon’s whistling tea kettles also feature large openings for easy filling and cleaning.

These tea kettles provide all the trusted quality and durability of Circulon cook ware. Circulon tea kettles are the ideal kitchen accessory, and whether you’re making gelatin, hot chocolate, or a cup of soup, the uses for a tea kettle never stop at tea.

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Tea kettles by Circulon will help you enjoy tea time any time, heating water quickly and evenly for to make perfectly steeped tea.

Tea kettles from Circulon are scratch and stain resistant, making them durable enough for daily use. Circulon tea kettles have comfortable handles for easy pouring, and the 2 quart capacity is perfect for serving tea for two, three, four or more. The knobs on our stovetop tea kettles make it easy to refill. Whistling tea kettles by Circulon alert you when your water is boiling, so you don't have to stay by the stove as water is heating.

Tea kettles are essential for all tea lovers – whether your preference is hot tea or iced tea. Modern, high quality Circulon tea kettles feature a stainless steel construction, enabling water to boil quickly. These stovetop tea kettles are ideal for heating water for soups and instant coffees, too, and the large opening makes cleanup easy. Circulon’s whistling tea kettles add style and sophistication to every stove top, so if you’re looking for tea kettles, try Circulon.
Products 21 - 22 of 22