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Non Stick Frying Pans

Oven Safe Frying Pans & 12 Inch Stove Top Pans

Circulon stir fry pans have heavy-duty bodies that heat quickly and evenly for delicious stir fry results. The non stick frying pans feature a durable nonstick coating that minimizes worries of sticking and scorching. Our oven safe frying pans are great for finishing long-cooking dishes in the oven. And the shape of these 12 inch pans facilitates the tossing and stirring of vegetables and meats for even cooking.

Circulon stir fry pans will have cooks thinking of new vegetables to add to the pan every night. These non stick frying pans are ideal for peppers and onions or snow peas and baby carrots, and the 12 inch pans are large enough to make dinner for the entire family.

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Our stir fry pans are popular for the preparation of Asian dishes, and these oven safe frying pans are ideal for stir-frying and even deep-frying.

Circulon stir fry pans feature a contemporary style, a unique silhouette, and a durable nonstick coating inside and out. These non stick frying pans are a great choice for healthy cooking and easy cleanup. Our oven safe frying pans are made of heavy-duty, hard-anodized aluminum, which offers fast, even heating for delicious cooking results. These 12 inch pans from Circulon feature a comfortable handle that is easy to maneuver to keep the vegetables and meat flipping, and the rounded pan shape facilitates in flipping stir fry dishes that are colorful, flavorful and healthy.

Circulon stir fry pans add the convenience of Western cookware to an Asian-styled pan in a generous size that will help feed the whole family. These non stick frying pans feature a flat bottom and sloped sides, so this cookware is ideal when preparing vegetable or meat stir fries for quick one-pan meals. The flat bottom of our oven safe frying pans provides stability when cooking while the sloped sides facilitate the flipping and even frying of the pan's contents. With these 12 inch pans, cooks can let the veggies fly, as they are extremely versatile because of their nonstick cooking surface, light-weight design, and comfortable handle.
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