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Contempo Cookware & Asparagus Steamers

Asparagus Cooker, Circulon Cookware & Specialty Cookware

Asparagus pots from Circulon help to create delicious and healthy dishes from the first meal of the day to the last. Use specialty Contempo Cookware to add asparagus spears to rich Eggs Benedict or a juicy fillet. Asparagus steamers take the guesswork out of steaming and provide a unique design so this delicious vegetable can be easily plated. Add an asparagus cooker to existing Circulon Cookware for endless possibilities in meal making.

Asparagus pots feature the TOTAL® Food Release System of circles, where long-lasting DuPont Autograph® nonstick coats elevated circles to reduce abrasion. This Contempo Cookware has an interior basket that allows asparagus and other larger vegetables to stay upright for gourmet presentation.

High performance asparagus pots ensure quality farm-to-table vegetables cook efficiently and evenly.

Asparagus pots from Circulon are the surefire path to light and delicious meals. Contempo Cookware like these asparagus cookers boast interior baskets, dual-riveted handles and shatter-resistant glass lids. Asparagus steamers are constructed of hard-anodized aluminum, which offers fast, steady heat for excellent cooking results. Our asparagus cooker pairs this contemporary and high-performance exterior with nonstick interiors that make cleanup simple too.