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Circulon Nylon Tools

Red Kitchen Utensils, Slotted Spoons & Kitchen Turners

When it comes to cooking utensils, it’s important to choose tools that offer function and style. With solid construction, Circulon Nylon Tools are ideal for scooping and plating morning oatmeal or a healthy vegetable casserole. Bright red kitchen utensils energize any kitchen space while offering a modern look that is also timeless. The handles of these slotted spoons have a comfortable rubber grip, making plating and stirring easier than ever.

With solid construction, cooking utensils such as kitchen turners are ideal for sauteing onions or flipping turkey burgers. Slotted spoons from Circulon Nylon Tools are made of heat-resistant nylon, so they can be used on hot and cold surfaces.

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Cooking utensils from Circulon Nylon Tools are ideal for everyday use because they feature comfortable nylon handles and solid steel construction.

It’s important to have cooking utensils that can easily scrape and scoop food without scratching pots or pans. With nylon and steel, Circulon Nylon Tools feature the ideal combination of strength and comfort. These quality red kitchen utensils provide style and color to any kitchen space without compromising practicality. Use slotted spoons, kitchen turners and other nylon kitchen utensils from Circulon to serve poached eggs and pancakes for Sunday brunch.
Products 1 - 6 of 6