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Circulon Acclaim Cookware

Best Paella Pans, Paella Pans With Lids & 14 Inch Pans

Discover Circulon Cookware paella pans that feature the TOTAL ® Food Release System of raised circles coated with DuPont's Autograph ® nonstick to reduce surface abrasion. These Circulon Acclaim Cookware 14 inch pans are designed to release foods with ease to help keep rice-based and other dishes from sticking to the pan. Find our best paella pans that are built with heavy-duty aluminum cores to promote optimum heat conduction that is so important when preparing large paella dishes. Choose a paella pan with lid made from shatter-resistant glass to keep an eye on foods while they cook without lifting the lid and sacrificing heat and moisture.

Find paella pans from Circulon that feature durable stainless steel handles enhanced with rubber and dual riveted to the pans for added confidence and comfort when moving them from stove top to table. Discover nonstick Circulon Acclaim Cookware that is so durable it can be used with metal utensils.

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Circulon paella pans make wonderful gifts for anyone that enjoys experimenting with fun new dishes or lively entertaining.

Paella pans are specially designed to help create delicious traditional Spanish paella dishes with chorizo, chicken, shrimp and rice, or more contemporary versions of the dish using fresh vegetables. Add these Circulon Acclaim Cookware 14 inch pans to any kitchenware collection to lend a festive touch to any dinner party or special family night. Choose our best paella pans that feature dual handles to make them easy to move from stove top to table for a great presentation and easy serving. Our paella pan with lid helps hold heat and moisture inside the pan while cooking.
Products 1 - 1 of 1