Sara Glenn

I’ve been with Meyer for 5 years. As Consumer Brand Manager for Anolon and Circulon brands, I truly believe in the power of the digital spaces and it’s ability to forge genuine, interactive conversations between consumers and the brands they love.

As a recent graduate of the University of Southern California, I’m adjusting to life on my own and enjoying the delicious adventure of finally having my own kitchen. It’s frightening at times, but fabulous – especially thanks to my forgiving cookware! What I’ve discovered is that good food isn’t about the plated destination. It’s about the experimental journey along the way. It’s true – cooks don’t just make meals, they make memories.

I live an active lifestyle, so I love to try out new healthy cooking and smart snacking tips. Guess you could say that I subscribe to the “you are what you eat” mantra. Good thing I also believe that a girl’s got to indulge herself once in awhile too! My culinary skills are a work in progress, but what matters most is the joy of sharing one of my delectable progress reports with friends over a glass of wine. Besides, I can make a fabulous pumpkin pie and mean eggnog come the holidays and that counts for something, right?

Articles & Recipes by Sara Glenn

  • Ecosystems

    Ecosystems in Balance – How to Select Sustainably Sourced Fish


    Healthy diets often contain fish as part of the meal rotation. Fish is a high protein source that has fewer calories than other protein options such as poultry or red meat. Fish is also rich in important nutrients like essential … Continue reading

  • Healthy Fish Guide

    Healthy Fish Guide


    Healthy diets almost always contain fish, a protein food with fewer calories than other protein options such as poultry or red meat. Fish also allows for menu variety as well since it’s easily steamed, baked, fried or poached. An abundance … Continue reading

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