Peggy Scott

Peggy Scott is the Meyer Corporation US culinary writer. She produced over 250 episodes of public TV cooking shows for Mollie Katzen and chefs Martin Yan and Jacques Pepin, winning James Beard Awards in video and broadcast for the latter. She got her cookware start at Williams Sonoma working for Chuck Williams and worked for several TV stations and for private clients as an independent video producer. Her nonprofit experience is in the arts, education and in international adoption, specifically from China.

Articles & Recipes by Peggy Scott

  • Ano-ArticleImage_CarpeDiem-levelsfixed

    Carpe Diem – Seize the Day


    My father was a fisherman. A big, lumbering man who loved eating everything except Brussels sprouts, he seemed to transform into a ballerina when fly-casting in his waders, picking his way through the strong current of a rushing trout stream. … Continue reading

  • Satellite (2)

    On Food – Mother’s Day Reflections


    I wanted to be a mom for a very long time, but motherhood eluded me. Then a divorce in my early 30’s put me out of the running for some years. I finally decided that being a single mom was … Continue reading

  • Egg_Sandwich

    Mediterranean Egg Sandwiches


    Combine hard-cooked eggs with different flavor inspirations from Spain, Italy and Provence, like sundried tomatoes, capers, and tapenade, for incredible savory sandwiches or easy hors-d’oeuvres. Continue reading

  • Easter

    Easter Monday Eggs – Delicious Recipes for Hard Boiled Eggs


    You boiled them, you decorated them, you hid them, they found them… now what? Yes, you can eat them, particularly if you don’t mind a slight lavender or turquoise tinge to your food, as long as they have remained refrigerated … Continue reading

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