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  • RecipeImage_StuffedPorkChop

    Stuffed Pork Chops


    Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to try this recipe – this is a hearty meal that can be enjoyed all year round. The vibrant hues of the peppers and onions add a delightful touch to the presentation. Continue reading

  • RecipeImage_MosaicAlmondSweetCookies

    Mosaic almond sweet cookies


    These cookies are fresh and fun and are the perfect delectable treat for friends or a savory moment of personal indulgence. Continue reading

  • Induction Cooking

    Induction Cooking


    Induction Cooking – Why is it so Hot (and Cold)? The Hot… Induction is a method of cooking using electromagnetic energy that turns a pan (like an Infinite Circulon pan) into the heat source. Instead of heating the area under … Continue reading

  • Lilas Carrot Apple Cake

    Lila’s Carrot Apple Cake


    A dash of pineapple, a gala of Fuji apple and a touch of Cinnamon combine with shredded carrots to create a modern infusion of fruity carrot flavor in every forkful. Continue reading

  • RecipeImage_DivineCheesecakeBrownies

    Divine Cheesecake Brownies


    Luxurious cheesecake flavors and sweet brownie goodness mesh flawlessly to form the ultimate sinfully delicious dessert. Continue reading

  • Blooming Beauties

    Blooming Beauties


    Make your flower arrangements a day or two in advance of a special event. This gives the flowers a chance to open up in time for the big day, and it “checks the box” on what can be a time … Continue reading

  • What’s Next?

    What’s Next?


    For any larger special event, give yourself a hand by writing a timeline for the food – there’s nothing worse than reaching to serve the roasted potatoes, only to realize you forgot to put them in the oven! Any cook … Continue reading

  • Cinderella, Cinderella!

    Cinderella, Cinderella!


    Iron the linens and set the tables (whether seated or buffet-style) the day or more before a special event. If necessary, cover tables with large clean sheets to keep everything in pristine condition. Cover stacks of plates on a buffet … Continue reading

  • Dust Up

    Dust Up


    Give the public areas of your home a thorough cleaning the week before a party, then do “touch up” cleaning the day before, or day of, your event.

  • Shop, So You Don’t Drop

    Shop, So You Don’t Drop


    Do the food and beverage shopping for an event as far in advance as possible. Most beverages will keep for several weeks if not longer, so decide what you’ll be serving and shop a couple of weeks in advance, then … Continue reading

  • May I Borrow a Cup of… Dessert Forks?

    May I Borrow a Cup of… Dessert Forks?


    Count silverware and glassware a few weeks in advance of a big event – remembering if you need salad and dessert forks in addition to main course forks. If you’re short on supply, consider borrowing from a friend or renting … Continue reading

  • Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs


    Don’t forget the chairs! Make arrangements to borrow from friends or rent any extra chairs you might need for party day.

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