Cathy Schreiber

I work in consumer marketing communications at Meyer Corporation (follow us at!), where my focus is culinary writing, editing and special projects. My food roots are familiar to lots of food lovers and cooks: my grandmother and mother were excellent cooks and bakers, and I somehow learned to bake at home without being purposefully “taught”. Ours was the house with treats like homemade lemon meringue pies, cream puffs (or “profiteroles” as I later learned to call them), German chocolate cake, decorated Christmas cookies, and popcorn balls. We ate “exotic” food like tostadas, homemade pizza and enchiladas for dinner while my friends were eating tuna casserole (thanks, Mom!).

After college, graduate business school, and a career in marketing communications, I attended culinary school for pastry arts, worked as a pastry cook, and started a specialty food business… all the while addicted to cooking shows featuring greats like Jacques Pepin, Lorenza de Medici, Sara Moulton, Martin Yan, and yes, Julia Child. I cook now for my husband – the perfect match for me since he loves to eat and has the metabolism of an Olympic athlete – and, on Saturday nights, for the priests and their guests at our parish house. Mostly, my cooking style is “Gourmand” with a good helping of “Sustainably Selective.” Sometimes I’m “Healthy Habits.” And sometimes, I just wanna eat. Let’s cook!

Articles & Recipes by Cathy Schreiber

  • Is that sparkling wine or champagne?

    Is That Sparkling Wine or Champagne?


    It depends on where it comes from. All champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is champagne. Champagne is a region in northeast France where they use a specific traditional method for making sparkling wine – so “champagne” … Continue reading

  • Fill to Chill

    Fill to Chill


    To quickly chill a bottle of white wine or sparkling wine / champagne, make an ice bath. Fill a roomy pitcher or large bowl with a generous amount of ice and cold water, enough to cover most of the bottle. … Continue reading

  • Steady State

    Steady State


    Wine is sensitive to temperature and temperature fluctuations. Both red and white wines should be stored in cool conditions, ideally at a stable temperature between 40 – 68° F. Avoid warm spots, like the top of the refrigerator!

  • Making Beer Sense

    Making Beer Sense


    Beer falls into two main categories: ales and lagers. Ales are fermented at warmer temperatures, with the yeast floating at the top of the fermentation tank. They are aged for a few weeks, and are often served closer to room … Continue reading

  • Shape Matters

    Shape Matters


    Beer glassware is about as complicated as glassware for wine, with different shapes ideally suited to specific ales and lagers. If you’d just like a basic glass to get started, consider a pilsner shape or pint glass. Each of these … Continue reading

  • Don’t Freeze the Beans!

    Don’t Freeze the Beans!


    Store coffee, whole beans or ground, in an airtight container in a cool dark place. For best flavor, buy whole beans in small quantities (about what you will use in a week), and grind them as you use them. Other … Continue reading

  • Budget Barrista

    Budget Barrista


    It’s easy to enjoy lattes, espressos and cappuccinos at home without investing in the money and counter space for a fancy automatic espresso machine. Invest instead in a convenient stove top espresso maker and frothing wand, and you’ll be enjoying … Continue reading

  • French Press is for “Fabulous”

    French Press is for “Fabulous”


    Many coffee aficionados believe that the best cup of coffee is made in a French press. French presses are beautiful and stylish, and are now available in insulated models that keep the coffee hot while you sip away.

  • Decaf or Regular?

    Decaf or Regular?


    If you’d like to serve decaf and regular coffee but have only one coffee pot, invest in a good thermos. Brew one pot of coffee just before your guests arrive and transfer it to the thermos where it will be … Continue reading

  • One-Pump Cinnamon Stick Latte To-Go

    One-Pump Cinnamon Stick Latte To-Go


    Long gone are the days of “black coffee” and “coffee with cream” as the two main options available for coffee lovers. Try buying a few flavored syrups – or make your own – and have some fun creating your own … Continue reading

  • Pre-heat the Pot

    Pre-heat the Pot


    To keep brewed tea hot longer, pre-heat the teapot and / or serving cups with very hot water. This takes the cold out of the teapot, instead of a cold teapot taking the heat out of the tea. When you’re … Continue reading

  • Cool, Dry and Airtight, Please

    Cool, Dry and Airtight, Please


    Store tea leaves and bags in airtight containers in a dry cool place, protected from light. Black teas will be freshest and most flavorful if enjoyed within 6 months; green teas, within about 3 months.

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