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Why Cooking Isn’t “For the Birds”

While most of our four-legged pets appreciate the aroma of grilled meat emanating from the stove, our winged friends might not and here’s why.

Birds have small and fragile respiratory systems, so they may not tolerate cooking fumes in the same way cats and dogs can.  Even everyday cooking can cause fumes – from overheated cooking sprays, oils, and fats, as well as from scorched plastic utensils and overheated cookware. These kinds of fumes can be hazardous to birds.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a pet bird and cook under the same roof, it just means that a few extra precautions are needed. Avoid placing your cooking utensils on or directly over your heating element. Also, try not to overheat cooking oils and fats, and try not to burn your food.

Since an active kitchen isn’t the best place for your pet bird, try moving it to another area in your home for the best solution. Perhaps the den with the view of the trees? Or maybe the guest room with the view of the backyard? Whatever room you decide, you’ll be able to continue cooking happily and worry-free while your pet bird relaxes comfortably and safely in another room.

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